Love of My Life

Love of My Life

Love of My Life

LTME-postCould we go back to the beginning of us? Where love was unconditional & there was trust? Where no one or nothing could break us up? & No words or hardships could break us apart? Can we skip to the part where the we are both happy? Where we could build one another up when we’re feeling crappy? Where we have the utmost respect and we are more reliant? Where we will never give up, we’ll work through, and keep trying? Can we have it again? Where you’re my lover and bestfriend? Where there’s no neglect or no abandonment? Can we start once again? Or is it really over? Am I left with no closure? This is torture. Did your love for me die & was I pushed to the side? Can we make this thing right? Give it just one more try? Let’s not make each other cry. Let’s just work til it’s right. I could stick by your side as your friend til it’s time. I know it’s hard to see that we could get through this fling. But my God is so powerful. He does miraculous things. Could you trust me? & Love me? Without rules or regulations ? Could we have something special without the real fading? Is it possible to try? Try 1 more time? It is possibly to try? Please don’t let our love die.

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  1. JJ 3 years ago

    This was a beautiful letter for whomever it is for. I used to have a relationship just like the one you describe, but it was taken from the highest love and devotion to nothing but lies and abuse. I hope the person that wrote this really knows and understands just what they are asking. God has a plan for each and every one of us, and if he wants to two back as one then I promise you, it will happen. If once back together, the power of forgiveness must be whole heartedly without any residence to know the unknown and and.belive love will be the ONLY point of focus, for it is human nature to want to know everything, and figure things out. If I were ever askednthis of my X….I can sit here all day long and say what I would say…but face to face would be a different story…for I haven’t seen his face in many many months. The situation Im.currentky in had too much destruction on me at every level and was taken.over board and I struggle with the forgiveness that I must give for my Lord says so. For whomever wrote this,. I will pray that you get the out come that you desire and that the love you seek is stronger and deeper than ever imagined.

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