My First Love

My First Love

My First Love

Hey Piotr, i know it’s been a while and it’s stupid me writing this I’ll probably never show you but I still think about you a lot and how we were. How happy we were how in love I was with you. You broke my heart like no other, you promised me so much and just chucked it all away. You left me without a reason. You said you didn’t believe in long distance relationships? So was this fake? Was everything you said fake? Where you bored? Did you just want someone to show you love and to show that they cared ?.

So many questions come about in my head day to day I think of myself as so low I think so low of myself it drives me crazy. You where special to me and I believed everyday we was getting stronger and stronger and that a bond like ours would never break and that no distance could ever come between us but I was obviously wrong I feel used I feel worthless I feel abandoned. I put my all into you I flew to Ireland just to see you. But I guess I wasn’t enough.


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