I need to let you go

I need to let you go

I need to let you go

Dear Alex,
Even if you read this i think you know what i’m going to say because unlike you i’ve always been honest and open about my feelings. So I muted the notifications on snapchat (i’m keeping the streaks because we’ve come a long way. I like the streaks NOT you don’t get it wrong 😁) and on instagram. I’ve also blocked your number cuz if you give me a call i wont be able to resist to not answer… I know i get mad because i’m crazy but i also need someone that shows that he loves me. For me love has an expiration date so saying it once doesn’t matter.

I know this sounds clingy but I don’t like it when you don’t answer my messages and i have to call you to give me a reply and i hate it when hours have passed and you haven’t texted me. This has happened so many times and every time you say “i’m sorry” and “i’m not doing it again” and here i am not knowing what to do. I feel like you’re not taking my feelings seriously and i have the screenshots to prove that the same thing that you promised was never gonna happen did happen again and again. Today you said that too but how can i trust you again?  The most terrifying thing is that i cannot forget you and i think you’re aware of this as every time i’m calling it off you act like this is a storm and it’ll pass.

But starting today imma train my mind. I’m gonna read all the articles about how to forget someone and continue working out and keep living my life. I’m not saying you’re a bad person or else i wouldn’t be with you for 2 years but you don’t understand me and I’m sick of repeating myself over and over again and hoping that you’ll change if i give you another chance. At some point i thought you were the one because we had an exceptional chemistry and we felt super comfortable with each other. Anyway i need to let you go because only then i’ll stop having expectations and get hurt.


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