Sorry for the way in which I had to end things

Sorry for the way in which I had to end things

Sorry for the way in which I had to end things

LTME-postHello earman

I know I wrote you an email in recent months to let you know that I didn’t break up with you with any want to date that guy or anyone else for that matter. The truth is that even though we loved each other deeply we’d run our course and the issues – no matter how hard I fought to resolve with you – sadly would never truly be addressed.

I had no interest in anyone else and I’m still getting over our relationship 8 months on. I knew we’d never have gotten the clean break up we needed because you didn’t want to let go. Therefore I felt I had no choice but to say I had moved on. We’d have still been stuck in a rut had I not have dealt with things the way I had.

I’m obviously not a cold-hearted person and I missed you terribly as I continue to do. I still love you so so much.

I reached out to let you know the above, but I wanted to keep it short and simple in that email to avoid conflict or confusion. But at least now you know the truth and we can both fully move on in this, the new year.

So without further adew, I wish you the very best in everything you do and I hold you and your family close in my heart forever more xxx


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