Sorry for it all

Sorry for it all

Sorry for it all

I am sorry…

This letter may not help but I am setting everything aside to get this to you. I am sorry for being so obsessive, emotionally selfish, immature and needy during, and after the relationship. Especially the way I acted after the break-up, emotions got in the way of my thoughts and I was putting pressure on you that you didn’t deserve, I should have given you space you requested, it was unfair to you.

Do you remember the night [memory]? While we waited you slept in my arms, I knew right there and then I had some kind of connection with you. I would have the biggest smile on my face by just looking at you. But then [that job] happened, a job I worked so hard for, I foolishly quit. I lost all my confidence and ambition. After that, I was depressed and stressed, I was weak. But then there was you, my happiness. You would relive all stress and depression I had. I really have to thank you for being there for me. That was the toughest and most stressful time in my life so far. And you were there for me, you helped me through it. Even though it may not seem like it you really helped, and I can’t thank you enough. Unfortunately, it became to the point you were my only source of happiness, no family, no friends, just you. It was very unhealthy, I became obsessive and needy. I was co-dependent on you.
So many different things I would have done differently in that relationship, but I could sit here and say, “I should have done this, or I could have done that.” But just like [that job] there is no reason, the past is the past, what’s done is done, it is a waste of time. I would have liked that relationship to last much longer, but I can’t get hung up on it, that would be disrespectful and unfair to your decision to break-up. I just have to accept the break-up and take what I learned and use it in the next relationship.

The break-up needed to happen, it gave me a completely different outlook on life, a happier outlook. It may have hurt at first, but the lesson learned in the end, gave me strength I needed. Made me realize I have to get myself together. Made me do things I always wanted to do, and it made me pursue more than just the minimum. I can achieve so much more than just [that job] and I am.

Listen I am really sorry for the way I treated during the relationship and after the break-up. I still do care about you. I want you to be happy as you can be.

That being said, I would like to hear from you, see how that new job is going, see how your family is doing. But if you don’t want to that is perfectly fine. After the way I acted you don’t need to contact me. I am fine with not hearing from you ever again. As long as you are happy. I will just take the mountain hikes, car rides, and other good memories and smile when I think back on them.

I am sorry to write to you, but I just really have to thank you for the support, during a rough patch in my life. Thank you for being a part of my life, even though not that long, you were a great girlfriend. You deserve the best [Ex], and I hope god is giving it to you.

Best Wishes,


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