I cant forgive you

I cant forgive you

I cant forgive you

LTME-postHey, Happy birthday.
So, I know this last couple of days have been hard for you and I know cause thats how I felt since you left me on October 2017. You were the first guy that broke me apart in all levels, you tear my world apart. You left the house without even saying anything and I tried to talk and fix things all week but you couldn’t even go and see me. Until you went to picked up the last things and gave me my stuff. After that I cried everyday, for hours and hours. You can’t imagine haha I even feel ashamed. Then when I was finally getting my stuff together you went to my work and wanted to “fixed” things. I felt complete again, I felt happy one more time. We tried or well at least I tried while you were sleeping with this other girl, saying you love her and you only wanted her when I was saying the same things to you. Then on December 23rd I finally found out. I remember that day like it was yesterday and im not going to lie… It still hurts like hell.
Then you wanted to go back together cause you didn’t wanted to loose me, but that day you lost my trust, I was dumb enough and I was willing to forgive you. Then you disappeared all night and the next day you told me you didn’t wanted to be with me.
I know I did a lot of stupid shit that time but i was really at the bottom at that point you know i didnt had anyone but you and you still left me, lonely, scared, hurt. Instead of picking me up and help me like i did several times you just left me there in the pit.
Then after that the day I told you I thought i was pregnant and you told me I was crazy, and i wasn’t ready to be a mother and you rather me not to have the baby. That day you killed me completely and was the day i decided to move out the city on continue with my life just like you did with this new girl.

Now i’m asking you this favor.
Please let me go. Move on
I loved you with all my guts and you just managed to destroy me completely, now i have the opportunity to move on and be happy again.
I know you want me back but i just can’t forgive what you did… I’m sorry


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