LTME-postI was always talking about how I would never be with somebody that’ll make me happy. I always said how I would be living with 9 cats, 4 fish & like 2 turtles. Just living UNHAPPY, until there was you. I was shy and nervous at first. Bad at doing something I would have never done. At first I wasn’t thinking like it would work, but I tried and it worked. Everyday from when you gave me a chance, I never let you down. I put in all my heart and soul just for you. You gave me something that I never received from others. JUST DON’T LET ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL! I fell, fell DEEPLY, MADLY, DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE with you. Everyday I was happy to wake up next to you. Your beautiful face & your bright smile. You was perfect just for me. It was like everything I wanted in a person. A beautiful girl like you. Every word you told me I believed them. I trusted you, I trusted your words & even the actions that’s followed behind them. Until one day you made me look like the fool I asked you not too. I did overreact because I ask for that not to happen. When I love, I love hard & when I loved you there was no going back, so I thought. You crushed my heart, killed a wonderful soul & made it hard for me to ever find love in another person if it wasn’t you. When I heard your voice or saw your beautiful face, my heart would skip beats, butterflies would fly round in my stomach, & I would move rapidly because you made me nervous. Parts of me moved on, but my heart is still attached to you. Until this day, after everything, I still love you with all of me. But without you I’m still left UNHAPPY.


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