With her

LTME-postI see you in every place we’ve been together. I imagine you at my locker at the end of the day, waiting for me with a big smile and the hug I always looked forward to. I imagine you in the empty movie theater seat next to me when I see a movie with my sister. I imagine you walking next to me as I walk through the mall alone, not sure where to go. I imagine you holding me close in the field house during homecoming, whispering little jokes I’ll always laugh at. I imagine you in our favorite ice cream shop, eating your favorite cotton candy, as we talk for hours. Now, I see you at her locker at the end of the day with a grin. I see you post on social media going to the movies with her. I saw you walk through the mall with her, holding her hand. I see you slow dancing with her at prom, whispering in her ear, but she doesn’t laugh. I see you at our favorite ice cream shop, with her, taking for hours. Does she know that used to be me?


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