You really had me fooled

You really had me fooled

You really had me fooled

LTME-postYou are a monster.

I am stronger than you will ever be and I have always been stronger. You emotionally abused me because I trusted you and thought you were someone you’re not. You are a weak and pathetic excuse for a man. You were right, you have no identity besides the woman you are manipulating for your own self-worth. I understand that now. A narcissist. I wish I never met you and wasted four years of my life with you. You will never be truly happy because you are empty.

I don’t hate you and I don’t feel sorry for you because you are nothing.

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  1. ea 2 years ago

    Your words resonate with me. Same situation being emotionally abused over 4 years. Stay strong, we are stronger than them.

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