Thanks, God

Thanks, God

Thanks, God

LTME-postHi, I don’t know where should i start this letter. I know you don’t even will read this letter. But I want make our memories to be letter who always being able i re-read.

I’m so happy, for can with you
Everyday, i never foget to thankful to God for can meet you.
I never forget to grateful for lucky to have you in my short life
I dont know what God can see from me. Do i have done something good so God gave you as a gift?

You’re my greatest gift i ever had in my life. You’re my biggest feeling i ever feel. And you also my biggest fear. Sometimes, i’m so scary to lost you, one day. I dont even get ready. Because i love you so much. I know that not will be easy for us. But i want you for not give up to fight for me. Even one day, God will detaching us because our difference, i hope you will be a same person i know. I hope we can be friends. I hope you will never lost your wonderful smile, because your smile is my biggest favorite thing. I hope you never forget to smile, because everything will be easy when you smile. Even though i’ll not be able to be the reason you smile, or make you always smile, i hope you’re gonna keep smile.

Last, i want you and everyone know that i love you. I love you no matter you are. No matter happened. Every day we live, i’m enjoying it. And embracing it. I’m very glad to live with it. One day, if God detaching us, please dont forget that i’ll awalys standing beside you. Support you. If you need someone for you share about your bad life, just come to me as a friend. I will listen to you. I will make you enjoy again. I will make you smile like nothing happened. I will. I promise. Because even i’m not in love again with you, your smile still have to shining. Because everyone love your smile, include me. Love you, Kenny


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