Dear Sammy,

Dear Sammy,

Dear Sammy,


My whole entire life, I’ve been told that I acted older than my age. Maybe that’s what drew you in ? The little teenager that acts like an adult. It’s just a three year difference between us, but I feel safe when I’m with you, maybe it’s because you’re so damn tall ? You’re the most perfect girlfriend and human. You’ve treated me like I was the best thing that ever happened to you. You told me I was your favorite human on earth, and I told you that you were my favorite creature on earth. I didn’t mean it that way, but you got offended. Then we laughed about it, and I tried to prove to you that some creatures can be hot. I miss you so much, it feels like I’ve lost safety and protection. I can no longer dive into your arms when I can’t sleep. I feel unsafe, unready to face the world. We’ve lost all means of connection, and we’re probably never going to be able to speak again. Just know that I miss you, and I may never be able to move on from you. I miss you so much, babygirl. Come back

-Your favorite 5’0 girl


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