I hate you, and that’s fine

I hate you, and that’s fine

I hate you, and that’s fine


Saira ,we met on a blind date arranged by a friend, fell in love and it was amazing. You told me you loved me, would support me and be true forever. I was a fool and believed you. I should have worked it out myself really, you had no friends and said to me once that your family would not get that close to me, due to the number of blokes you’d been with.

A year later you woke up by my side and walked out. We were due to go to a party that day but that just disappeared. I went to see my brother instead and you called, and dumped me over the phone. WTF, we went out for a year and you were so weak and gutless. You wouldn’t even say why, that’s just pure evil. I could never have hurt you this way.

You led me on for weeks after, asking me for help and going out in town and kissing. But just when I thought we were done for good you called and asked if we’d be going to the flower show with our parents, which we’d arranged before breaking up. I told you it was a bad idea but you conned me into going by making me think we still had a chance. You were all over me like a long lost lover that day, but when our parents left you wouldn’t even hold my hand. I now know you were already back with your ex before this point, which I found out from a friend. You used me just so your Mum got a day out, what a lowlife.

I asked you why you’d dumped me and messed me about, but you just said ‘I don’t want to talk about it’. What the hell was I supposed to do with that! Just shows you have no heart or soul.

You are a lying, narcissistic sociopath, happy to use and abuse others for your own petty gains. I could never do this to anyone, let alone someone I loved. I’m a far better person that you ever can be, although that’s not much of a challenge.

I gave you nothing but, love, honesty and support and you treated me this way. You disgust me and I regret spending any time with you whatsoever. You’re a waste of good oxygen.

If you’d just spent 10 mins telling me why you’d done these things I could have moved on so much quicker and it would have saved me a lot of soul searching. I was so close to killing myself, and if I hadn’t had a dog to look after I would have. I couldn’t bear the idea of abandoning him without knowing what would happen to him, or being able to explain why i’d gone.

I’m sure you don’t care, you had enough opportunities to show empathy, but never did.

I did have to laugh though as you’d set up a firm called ‘A Small Affair’ How very appropriate! And what a shame it crashed and you’re now working a temporary secretarial job, karma!!!

Good riddance to bad rubbish.



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