I wish you cared more

I wish you cared more

I wish you cared more


150 plus days and I’m still hurting like u broke my heart yesterday .. I wish when u said you loved me u ment it truthfully.. I thought that love was stronger than what it really was in reality. Guess I was wrong . I’m sorry if you feel betrayed by my current position in life, I know you didn’t ask for nun of this. However I thought you were the type of man who could over come complications and bumps in the road when it came to someone you loved ..Guess I was wrong . Or I guess you just didn’t love me .. we weren’t worth fighting for. I wasn’t worth it.. I cry every night blaming my self for situations I can’t change. When I thought I couldn’t count on nobody I thought you would be there.. but I guess not. I wish I could tell u this and everything be ok but I guess not


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