Way too toxic

Way too toxic

Way too toxic


I guess the saddest part of our relationship was how short it was. But in the short time, we made a lifetime of memories. But those memories now haunt me. Our relationship was filled with constant drama, I couldn’t walk down the hallway without hearing something new about me and you. I cut things off on a Friday. We was supposed to go to prom on Saturday, which we did, and when I seen you in that black tux an red bowtie I started to tear up because I was still in love with you an I wanted to be together as much as you did.
I don’t know what went through my mind when you asked me out again on Monday an i said yes. Now its thursday an here we are single again. I’m not going in circles with you anymore D. Im so sorry but this is to much. Please stop trying to contact me. Don’t call, text, snapchat, or dm me. I won’t respond, i can’t.

With tough love, Kris


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