Why her?

Why her?

Why her?


Dear ex,
You have left me recently for another girl. I’m sure she’s beautiful, I’m sure she’s everything you’ve ever wanted but if you don’t mind me asking, why her? Why didn’t you want to stay with me? You say that you still love me and to give you time, you gave me hope. Just to think I’d win this battle against this other girl. Did you even tell her that you were telling another girl you love and care for her? Have you told her the memories we’ve made or only the fights we fought? The night you told me you chose her was the night I learned my self worth. I learned I should always be first, not second. I learned that if you truly loved me you would’ve chose me. I’ve learned that I have so much worth. This letter isn’t to say how heartbroken I am about you as much as it may seem it. This letter is to wish you well. I wish you well with the chosen one, the lucky one. I wish you only good memories and love with her. I wish you well, all the well in my soul.


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