I still miss you

I still miss you

I still miss you


It’s been a long time and i still miss u. I wish i never met u i just want to get over u. Why did u come into my life. I just want to forget u. Get out of my head!!!!!


  1. Sha 1 year ago

    I want to forget her too…. I just can’t. She is my everything. I hate that.

    • M 1 year ago

      Tell her she mite feel the same way as well.

  2. Anon 1 year ago

    These are words I have said and written many times.
    I feel for u

    • M 1 year ago

      Thanx hang in there

  3. Ohwell 1 year ago

    I’ve written these words myself. To have them come back. When I was finally feeling better and rip me in half again. I hate that I still care and wish her the best. As much as I just don’t want to. But I know for sure. I don’t miss her anymore. And I no longer love her. She proved time after time. I mean nothing to her. Life goes on and I’ll listen to my instincts next time

  4. Katrisha 11 months ago

    I know how you feel I hate it when someone stays around enough for you to fall inlove with them but then suddenly leaves

  5. Unknown 3 months ago

    I miss him deeply i wish i could tell him but im afraid he will hurt me again

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