To the guy i swooned over for months, to the guy I’ve always loved. I didn’t mean anything to you and you made it clear but i guess it was my expectations who hurt me? I knew you were just in for a game, i knew i was dancing with the devil. We were together for just a short time, it was painful but i’d do it over and over again. You never put on effort, it was always me who wanted to see you, and touch you. I’m happy that you’re happy though sometimes when i see you with her it still hurts. You never looked at me the way you look at her. It’s annoying because she’s amazing, she’s perfect for you. I guess i was just a summer fling. I pretended you didn’t matter to me too, it was so easy until i met your girl. I want to hate her but she gives me no reason to. You picked a good one.

I’m moving back to Boise next school year by the way, it was a hard decision but i think it’s better than seeing you two everyday for another year. I’m sorry I can’t be the one you wanted, i’m really sorry.

Thank you for teaching me how it feels to be inlove, next time i get into a relationship with someone i’ll make sure to check if they love me too. I love you, always gio.

Sincerely, anne


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