The goodbye I needed

The goodbye I needed

The goodbye I needed

William, Will, “Willypoo”, you were a great actor. I know this, and you know this. I feel like a broken record and I just don’t know if I should broadcast this time all the b.s. you put me through. I remember you trying to silence me when I asked for apology. All I ever wanted was a life with you, but you showed me through your actions, manipulation, and emotional abuse that I was just wasting my time. And boy, did I really waste my time by giving you a year of my life.

You really blew it, you did. You had someone that truly loved you, and despite our fights, underneath it all you know deep down you will never find a good woman again. I don’t regret leaving you a month ago, no. If anything, I’m happy. You see, no matter what pain I’m still feeling a bit now, that will fade just like you will. I found love for myself and that gave me the strength to leave someone terrible like you. Not only that, any guy that reminds me of your trash behind… it’s been easy for me to kick them to the curb. You were a lesson that I needed to learn. You can go to hell for the unlimited stress and anger you caused me during our relationship and after it.

I don’t wish the best for you, but one thing I do wish is for karma to deal with you. You never loved me, and for that, you will get yours. I am excited to move on, for good.


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