You are in my dreams

You are in my dreams

You are in my dreams

N, The day I met you was easily one of my favorite memories, it is kinda a funny story how we met… we met on that dating app and I said “Matching with you was like winning a prize.” and for the longest time you were my prize. Every time I fell asleep next to you, I dreamed of us. They were good dreams, like us getting married and having dogs just like we talked about. Sleeping next to you was one of my favorite things, feeling our legs intertwined, feeling your heart beat against my head. Little things like this was like winning the lottery, you were my everything.
I keep thinking about the day we danced in your kitchen and made pizzas, or the day we sat on the bed and I poured my all into you. I was heartbroken, I was losing everyone in my life but you told me your goal was to be my boyfriend and my best friend, and that I would never lose you. Now look at where I am… sleeping as much as I can. Am I sleeping to forget you, or am I sleeping because I know you’ll be in my dreams. They always feel so real and then I wake up, and turns out its not your heart beating against my head… it’s just my own heart. 
At least I know it’s still there, even if you’re not.

Love you forever,


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