I will never forgive you

I will never forgive you

I will never forgive you

I finally deleted every memory of you.
iIve your snapchat and instagram blocked. i hate you. I used to think you were the best guy i’ve ever been with but honestly, you’re worse than you-know-who. you always have to be the victim. You are so insanely immature and could not realize that YOU were the toxic one in our relationship. You had to create rumours about me to feel better over the fact that we broke up. you made me lose so many friends.

I have never hated somebody as much as i hate you. but, i still am grateful for the experience i had with you, because you opened my eyes to what a toxic relationship is. now i know ill never come back to you and now i know ill never stay in a relationship that was like ours. you made me realize how many actual good guys there are. how any guy would be better than you. because of you, i found the love of my life, who treats me so much better than you ever did. he makes me so much happier.

You were boring, manipulative, and a compulsive liar. you also never put an effort into our relationship. i hope you’re happy with your new girl, and i’m very glad its only a few more months until you leave and i won’t ever have to see you again. i hate you. but i still wish you would realize your mistakes and fix them. everyone deserves happiness. even you, i guess. but i hope u realize ur toxicity and can grow the fuck up.


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