To the boy who showed me wonders

To the boy who showed me wonders

To the boy who showed me wonders

So it’s been 2 and a half months since we’ve broken up. And honest to god I never pictured myself in this position. I thought we were it, I thought you were my forever. But look at us now, in different places. You were put in a complicated situation, I get that. But why give up on me so easy? Why didn’t you fight for it like I did? I went through everything you did, maybe worse, but I still fought for you, every day, every chance I got, I never gave up on you. I loved you so much, to the point where I didn’t know if I’d ever be capable of loving someone as much. Or capable of love itself. I thought I was strong, but who knew I’d be wrong. I cried everyday, trying so hard to fight back the tears that effortlessly rolled down my cheeks. Muffling, so that my mom wasn’t worried.

How could you leave me just like that? Like I was just a video game you were so excited about when u first got it, but threw away once you completed the missions. Was it all just for the sake of experience? Did you not love me like you claimed you did? Was I just a game you wanted to finish? You thought I would have no trouble getting over you, like the past year was just for fun, but little did you know I meant every word I said, every move I made and every kiss we had. I meant it, when I said I would never leave you, I meant it, when I said I’d choose you over anyone else in a heart beat, I meant it, when I told you I’d give anything for you, even my life. Did you?

I claimed you openly, I never once felt ashamed of being w you. Even when you’ve been an asshole and my friends tell me you’re not worth it. I shamelessly loved you, every time you broke my heart, piece by piece, I loved you w the remaining parts that were still left of me. I gave you my all, even if sometimes I didn’t show it, I loved you with everything I had. I told you once, that I’ve never loved anyone like this before, I meant it then, I mean it now. After all this, I still forgive you, i want you to be happy, and if that’s without me, so be it.


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