I still think of you after all this time

I still think of you after all this time

I still think of you after all this time

Dear Sarah,

6 years after I broke up with you I have finally unblocked you from FB. You look so much older now but from what I can see you are doing great and this makes me happy. Truth be told I think about you almost every day and hope you are safe and happy.

I am writing this the day of your birthday in May. Happy birthday to you.

I have very few regrets in life, but we never had closure and I am truly sorry for that. Now that we are in our late twenties, I feel like a lifetime has passed since we have seen each other, and we are two different people now.

Even though I do not think I could handle ever seeing you again, I still wanted to leave you with closure. We hurt each other a lot, and even though we have both moved on in life, one thing still resides in me and that is the love I still hold for you. It is as strong today as it was the day I said one last time that I would always love you. Time has not eroded these feelings and it never will.  

I do not expect for you to ever forgive me and you would be crazy to do so. I do not even seek your forgiveness. I pray that you have completely moved on and forgotten about me. I hope that no matter what happens in life, you remember that you are very special and have so much to offer this world. you were always so much stronger than me and I admire that greatly. I feel like I have lost most of my heart, but I will rest one day knowing that you hold a part of it and that, I can be happy with.

You will always be loved


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