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You gave up on me and you last night, When I finally fell asleep I dreamed of you. When I woke up I hoped it was a dream just to see it was real. You had really left me, I loved you more then I could ever put into words, you were my person, I told you everything, you knew my secrets, what made me cry, what made me laugh, you knew my childhood, you have seen all my flaws, you loved my body when I couldn’t bring myself to love it, you loved the parts of me that I never thought anyone would ever love.

And then you just gave it all up with no hesitation. We still talked for hours after you ended things until we ran out of things to say hoping that you would see it was a mistake and you did but you said you couldn’t fix it, and you said it was time to part ways, and you told me this morning that you’ll always love me and miss me.

I wanted to beg you to come back, I wanted to scream but nothing came out but a measly ‘okay’ i stared at my wall for hours with tears streaming down my face, and now every time my phone buzzes or rings I secretly hope it’s you coming back, but it’s not, and all I want to do is sleep, I’m not tired I just don’t want to be awake anymore, I don’t know who I am as a person without you, I guess it’s time I learn who I am, I’ll always love you, thank you for being my safe place and being my keeper. be free my love. I love you forever C
Love always , G


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