Why did I waste a year of my life on you? You’re an emotionally retarded little boy and I Fucken hate you. You cheated on her to be with me and then cheated on me to be with you. You held me, cried with me, kissed me, called me a goddess and the cut me off dead. 

You have no empathy. You’re a liar. You’re a cold bastard and you’re like dry toast. You have issues and so do I but I wanted to help you. I wouldve loved you for you. Not your money like that whore bag. 

I look forward to the day she puts you in rehab like she did her ex and then serves you with papers and lives off your fucking money. 

I’m sorry that I broke the fucking mould by not being a dependent alcoholic. 

The way you cut me dead was disgusting. You don’t go from professing your love two weeks earlier to fucking ending it on the phone- you have no respect you cunt. 

And how Fucken dare you say you want to fatten me up so no men look at me – what a dick. 

Fuck you


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