You led me on for years

You led me on for years

You led me on for years

Dear Zach,
We’ve known each other for fifteen years, my whole life. We’ve been friends for 7 years, half of my life. For 7 years I’ve spent a lot of time wishing you liked me back. To be honest, I don’t know why little 9 year old me liked you. We loved each others company only when we were alone. As soon as your friends were around you treated me like a total dick and pretended I wasn’t even there.

But i loved you and your company. We would play fortnite (cringe) and star wars battlefront. It was so fun as kids. Then a couple of years passed and we still played star wars but we talked about music and movies. You asked me if i liked you. I did. I kind of loved you. I thought about you everyday, but i said i didn’t like you and i couldn’t tell if you were relieved or disappointed. Either way you never told me how you felt.

Since then, two years have passed and we talk like once a month. Just small talk but its something. You have a thing for the girl who hates me. Maybe she influenced you to stop talking to me as much.

But i still love you. I’ve never even been with you yet i have such respect for you. My friends say i should just tell you because i might be wasting time that we could be together, but if you wanted to you would and you haven’t. Tell Georgia i say hi and that she can go fuck herself if she did make you stop talking to me. Love ya.


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