I miss you, hopefully you miss me

I miss you, hopefully you miss me

I miss you, hopefully you miss me

Why did you do it, I really tried for you and you left me. I still love you a lot and miss you, hope you’re doing well. I still cry over you. Got in a relationship, love him a lot but you really messed me up. All I do is compare him to you, a lot, about certain things. I have a boyfriend but still cry over you. I really thought I was special to you, guess you just wanted to use me like the rest. It’s okay, the real pain is gone, just left over pain now sucks. That pain’s gonna stay forever, just now I’ll be comparing every guy to you.

Thank you because you were my first really good boyfriend. I loved u made me really happy and made me laugh a lot, to that I say thanks. I do miss and love you, still maybe one day you might say it back, probably not tho. If I could I would go back and change everything I did wrong or try fix things for you. I also don’t get how you made some promises on how you wouldn’t hurt me or you wouldn’t leave me and that you loved me. I really believe all of them I still do matter of fact. You asked me out yet you left me. Did you really want me in the first place or not?

You still haven’t told me why you did it but I’ve been told you just used me and got bored. I hope that’s not true. I mean everyone who knew you that talked to me told me I made you happy and nicer. Either they’re right or u lied, plus I know you’re better than to use someone. Also you wanted to be friend then you go away and ignore me don’t even say hi but will call me a slut and whore even tho I was and never have been one. Also said leaving me was the best thing that’s ever happened to you – that reminds me of when you said I was the BEST thing that happened to you.

I don’t know what happened I don’t know why u didn’t just talk to me about it I don’t know why you didn’t think to talk to me to try fix it I regret doing what ever I did I’m sorry your birthday’s soon. Still gonna say happy birthday because I still respect you and care about you and I’m a decent person who does that. I hope your sisters are doing well and your mum and dad they seemed really nice when you talked about, them especially your sisters, glad I got to see them, they’re cool.

See you around school – I get really scared and sad when I see you, one of your friends texted me. I guess we’re friends now he’s really nice and cool he says you hate me. I don’t know why I tried asking you but you left me on seen. Don’t know what I was expecting when I sent that message I don’t know why you do but yeah I’m sorry. I miss our calls and late night texts talking about dumb stuff how what our future would be like, our dreams and our late night calls were my favorite.

I waited the whole day to see you user pop up to call me. It would make me so happy just to text you in the morning, with sending a picture of us just waking up was adorable, you knew my favorite thing i loved that you would say and when you said it it was the cutest thing you could’ve done for me when i was sad but i mostly loved your hugs they made me feel safe and like you loved me and your hugs were the best just no one can replace them the way you did it no one can ever do it like that plus you made actually love myself and believe me and i can’t do that it takes a lot for me to do that and you made me that happy that i started to love and believe in myself  and you made me really really happy and that’s why i missed you i know i was clingy to you bc i was scared you’d leave or bc you were really the best thing that happened to me and i really want you bc even tho you hate me but i still love you.

i hope ur okay tho.


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