You taught me a lesson through pain

You taught me a lesson through pain

You taught me a lesson through pain

It has been two years since I left you and one year since I got rid of you.

You truly broke me. You came in to my life when i was in a really bad place and i thought you loved me because i thought you cared and maybe you did for a little bit. I didn’t learn who you really were until you gambled all of your money, got into lockup, lost your parents trust and moved into my house. I remember when you told me you had cheated on me and we still continued for over a year after that because i was afraid that you’d leave me if i told you how i really felt, and you continued doing it. 

You hurt me really bad. Not even my mom recognised me because of the way i was. You were mentally abusive gambler/alcoholic and i remember when you laid your hands on me and i got your handprints as bruises on my arms because i got to know you were talking to a lot of other girls. 

I’m not mad. Not at all. Just disappointed since you also lied to the point that i lost almost everyone from my life. You taught me what to stay far away from and when my future children bring home their loved ones i know when to be careful. I am happy right now i got my own home and a job. I’m also graduating soon. I hope i never have to hear from you again. 


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