Goodbye to us and our world

Goodbye to us and our world

Goodbye to us and our world

Im sorry. I’m sorry I’m not the girl of your dreams. I’m sorry you didn’t feel the love I did. I’m sorry for not being the perfect girlfriend. I’m sorry for sending you abusive messaged the last few weeks. I’m sorry if those messages continue. I’m sorry for letting you treat me badly. I’m sorry for letting myself get hurt.

I am not sorry for ever meeting you and you were the love of my life 2012-2016 but I know in 20 years on I will have many more loves. I’m not sorry for all the fun times we had. I’m not sorry for caring for you. I’m not sorry for supporting you all the time. I’m not sorry for always being there. And ultimately I’m not sorry for being me.

I said goodbye to you physically but I’ve needed to say goodbye in words.

I hope we both find true happiness and will always cherish what we had.

I know deep down this is the right thing. I’m sure I knew deep down it was never truely right. If you aren’t 100% sure then you are 0% sure and that’s it. I didn’t think it was normal we never discussed the future. I didn’t think it was normal I never imagined a wedding with you. I didn’t think it was normal that you didn’t want to put me number one.

I’m not going to deny that this is easy for me and I think about you all the time but I know in time that will fade.

I just hope the memory of us never fades completely and in years to come you will never regret meeting me.

I am now saying goodbye to you and goodbye to us and our world.

I don’t know if I will ever truely get over you but life does move on and I am starting to see the end of this black black tunnel.

All the best for the future and don’t be a stranger if our paths meet one day.

Love x


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