How the fuck could u

How the fuck could u

How the fuck could u

Ok so I wanted to make this for my bf Chase, well my ex Chase. Chase I’m sorry, I never meant to cheat on u. I know this is your favourite website so I know you might see this but ok I’m sorry for manipulating u. I never meant to. I’m sry for kissing a 14 year old during our relationship. I know that is disgusting I’m so sorry.  I miss u. Please unblock me. I’m also sorry for getting pregnant with your brother. I’m so sorry. I miss u. I wish I told u this and I’m so sorry. I love you And I’m sorry for leaving u with the kid for a year. I just didn’t think I was ready to be a mother. I’m sorry also, my bad my sister is really attractive. I’m sorry for getting mad for that. I’m also sorry for grooming u. I know u are still 18 and I’m 24 but I’m sorry. I love u. I’m sorry for ruining our relationship. We were together for 6 years. I’m so sorry. I know I’m messed up. I’m going to therapy, uhhh now I’m crying. Please forgive me. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. I just forgot I wasn’t playing sims 4 and I have muttered I’m so sorry maybe we could try this again.

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  1. Chase 10 months ago

    UGHHH😣 I cant help it I love you so much, let’s get back 2gethwr bb

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