I thought I’d finally experience real love

I thought I’d finally experience real love

I thought I’d finally experience real love

I’d never, and still, haven’t told anyone this but I never thought i’d ever fall in love, or be loved, when you came along that changed and I truly thought we were meant to be. We clicked so well and there was no faking (except the first few moans, soz). right off the bat, you showed me you were serious and id never had that, you really were one of a kind. Our bond was like no other that i’d experienced before, I never had any doubt about you, so when you had yours it broke me.

The first time I fell asleep in your arms it felt so right, and I felt so at peace, you knew the news I’d gotten that day and how much that hurt me, but you so effortlessly made me forget my family problems even if it was for a few nights. The first time that I fell asleep without you on face time was so hard, it was too quiet and I didn’t have you saying my name to stop me from sleeping. The first night after we ended was the worst night in a hot minute, I felt so lonely and you knew university was already so hard for me, you knew how alone I felt.

I had a panic attack that night, but you went out and smoked with your friends. You told me you’d still stay in contact and check up on me, its been 3 weeks and I’ve not heard anything from you. I wonder if you think of me or if our picture is still up on your wall, if it’s not, do you still take it out from the draw and think of me? or did you throw it away entirely. My uncle’s getting worse, I wish I could tell you everything that’s going on. 

Sometimes at night, I wonder if you ever even liked me or if it was all for show, but then I think why would you tell me about your dad if you were planning on ending things anyway. You weren’t in my life for very long, but I’m still thankful for the few memories we made, I still look at our videos and pictures hoping one day our paths cross again
I wish you all the best in life,


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