Letter to my ex

Letter to my ex

Letter to my ex

Hey.. I remember the first time like we touch.. and from that moment I knew it was you. I hugged you and you were so awkward about it but I liked the way you hugged me, I felt as if that was the best hug I had ever been given. I would do anything to go back and change what happened I really thought me and you could have lasted or at least tried to… but it’s like every day I miss you more and more and you have already told me to move and find better and that I need to get over it, cause you have.

When you first told me you moved on I didn’t know what to say, so like most ppl would have I just said “I’m happy for you..” but I wasn’t, I mean I’m not and you say you want me to move on but any time I try you question it and ask so much about it so is makes me think you still care, which Ik you do but yeah me and you could have been something special. We were something special. You know it but I’m sorry for everything I really truly am and I still have much love for you, and I wish you the best with or without me… I prefer with me… but that’s up to you ..

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  1. Hal 9 months ago

    I wish you are my ex that I still love. Just tell me that you still love me and I’ll come back.

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