Wish you well

Wish you well

Wish you well

To my ex 

Life shows in time who was right or wrong
Lessons we get to learn
Won’t be for nothing
One day love that got lost
Will return
Conversations with no destination
Will be just words
Colliding worlds
of difference 
All the same 
valuable experience 
and I will look back
without discomfort 
without pain
without that feeling
that it was all my fault again

‘Cause there were two of us
in this game
and I wish you well
for all stuff that we did
the tears I cried
the anger in your chest 
I really can’t deny it
that I loved you to my best 
abilities at the time 
it’s cool to let it go now
the cup is empty
I drank it all
the joy and ugliness
the rise and fall
feeling so close and understood
and getting shamed and blamed for 
being myself
being rude 
to you when 
I stood up for myself,
chose my own health 
do you know, a healthy person will always
choose their own health 
and not the relationship
especially if it’s the one from hell
so here I am
All the distance between us now 
and I wish you well


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