Jessica, you broke me

Jessica, you broke me

Jessica, you broke me

Dear Jessica,

So today is the day I found out your pregnant by him, oh and that you also sold your flat. Everything we had talked about, our plans, you finally get to do but not with me. It seems mad to me that you were calling me the love of your life 6 months ago, only to now be starting a family with someone else.  All whilst I’m still trying to pick up the pieces of me that you broke, you destroyed.

Every man will have their “Hay” day. I sit wondering when mine will come. I’ve sat around for 6 months hoping you’d call. To know that the life we had planned wasn’t all in vain. You will never ever see the damage you have done to me. The trust that I can never put in another girl again. The pain that I have had to deal with. The mental struggle you caused. Hurt doesn’t even scratch the surface. You let me fight for you. You dangled the carrot and then took it away just as fast.

Why do you get to be happy with him. I even think that you know things are moving far too fast. Lucky for you you have never had to watch the genuine love of your life fall for someone else , all whilst being blocked and shut out your life like I meant nothing.

I would love to just know why you done this? I know your family was an issue. But why did we have to fall apart like this? Was I too keen? Why did you have to break me beyond belief. I wish you well Jessica, I’m always a call away. I can’t wait any longer, your actions have truly damaged more then you will ever know. 7 years down the drain for you to drop your life for someone you have been with 6 months. Why did this have to happen to us. Why did you have to break my heart.



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