You were everything to me

You were everything to me

You were everything to me

Dear S,
I never thought we would come to the place we are in now, because you’ve made me so happy and I am not sure if anyone can ever make me so happy again. We have spent so much time together, there is just so much to remember and so much to forget. It’s been months since we broke up and I keep telling myself one day I will adjust to the fact that you no longer feel the way I feel for you, or maybe you do. It is difficult to tell.  
I keep thinking about all the times I have spent in your apartment: your warm kisses, the way you touched me, the way you shielded from all the pain. You were everything to me. 
Suddenly one day you no longer felt the same way: I was no longer welcome in your house and heart. You took away my ground when you left because you were the only person who understood me, and now you no longer want to engage with me. Did I do something wrong? 
I know you and I go a long way and who knows maybe years down the line someday we would be together, or we won’t but I want you to know that I loved you, and I loved you so much. Was I not worth anything at all? How did you give up on me so easily? 

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  1. RS 3 years ago

    I’d somehow like to think this was for me (s) and you were him (M) but I know its not…sadly, truly, sweetly

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