poem to a bitter end

poem to a bitter end

poem to a bitter end

So that it is
you switched 
you  turned things around
was it really you that left 
or was it me 
did i have the chance to take you back
i did 
but  i refused 
was it me or was it you ?
blind to all solid ground for a new beginning  
that when something ends you must break the habits  and gain self-control
you think i go crazy over you ?
is it what you need to think ?
to feel better 
to make you feel empowered
you think that every step towards myself
is only because of you ?
i do rise up just for you to notice ?
sometimes silence is what it is 
and pain
is only temporary
so you are stuck in your head 
i could do some magic trick to get you back?
love is sometimes letting go
and if its meant to be it will
my silence bothered you 
wasn’t it what you wanted?
was it you or me 
not accepting boundaries ?
when i needed them
was it you 
crossing every line
coming over uninvited
caging me 
when i needed time to take care of myself
was it me or you ?
asking to be yourself
was it me or you
not willing 
to improve and blaming me 
for all the things you lost 
if i say sorry 
i regard 
my mistakes
to grow
to improve 
you think 
all i do is about you?
you think 
i fight with cheap tricks
to fool you ?
i can go on to fool myself?
do your beliefs help you conquer yourself?
is it you or me poisoning your mind 
to maybe fix yourself?
is it me or you ?
devaluating every good there was
is it me or you
is it me or you 
who’s weaker
is it me or you 
not break the habit ?
is it me or you ?
refusing decency
is that the end you choose 
to protect yourself?
if it helps you to confirm yourself
and all of my bad 
then i am glad 
that there is nothing left to say bro


  1. Sienna 6 months ago

    That’s a strong poem. It reminds me of my ex . He was addicted to me. I never wanted him to be. I broke up with him a couple of times but he never left me alone . I always took him back but i got aggressiv over time, hating his guts . I felt like i had to deal with all of his shit and doing all the hard work. He was like a puppy. I finally broke up again . I needed time . It took a while to realise that i need myself but also that i really loved him.I did nc and reached out . But tables turned. Now he hates me,guess a coping mechanism ? Inmature? Narc? I sense your words. Relationships are hard work and become toxic when forced to take all responsebility. For my ex i am the devil but he never botherd to see his horns.

  2. Anonymous 5 months ago

    Ok bro, I kind of understand this poem. I hope fate will find its way

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