A year since we last spoke

A year since we last spoke

A year since we last spoke

Hey M, its been about a year since we last spoke. Since the day you said goodbye forever. I will admit that hurt a bit. Even tho at that time i was with Someone. I’m still with them and when i met them, they felt similar like you. But as i got to knew them, they ended up being better. I feel like me around them, like I finally found a home. Though things are going well and i think I’m finally at a place where i don’t ever want you in my life. I wonder about you. I wonder how you’ve been, i wonder if stuff at home got better, I wonder how your dnd world is going, I wonder if you got in your dream school. 
Honestly M, there are days that i wish I could’ve said goodbye Better but now here we are. 
Though i do need to thank you, because of you, i fell in love with DnD and that’s where i met my love. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have met him. Because of you, i play some of my favourite games but now i dont think of you. I dont get reminded of our memories. 

So M, this is my goodbye. I wish you well, stay safe


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