First girlfriend

First girlfriend

First girlfriend

Hey ken (kochab),

It’s been days i think since we started this no contact thing and i just wanna let you know (even if it’s impossible you’ll know) that i still love you, i do i really love you but, love isn’t enough to build what once was our foundation. love isn’t enough to win you back again, it’s the forgiveness and your willingness to accept my past, i’m not asking you to forget everything but i’m asking you to accept who i was before we even met. i know i did a lot of things and they’re the worst, especially the part where i broke your heart so much you decided to end us. i’m sorry, i just want you to know that i’ve changed and if there’s still a part of you that wants to try again, i’ll be here waiting for you and if not then i guess i’ll just have to find a way to accept it and be happy for you. i love you kochab, thank you for living the 20 months with me. you are and always will be the best. take care.


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