Heeey Angeline!

Heeey Angeline!

Heeey Angeline!

I know you’re probably not here but i’ll take my chance to say that you have been the best thing that happened in my life. You are a kind and pure person. You did good when you consoled me when we talked about my problems and those times when i felt down. Too bad that i can’t see you grow because we broke up. But heey that’s fine at least i got to spend some time with you and that’s alright with me. Maybe it’s not our time yet to be as one. So for now, be the best you can be and please don’t sleep so late because that’s bad ya know, hmmmp. 

And if you happen to find someone to love again, then i wish you well. I guess we can’t go to Japan after we graduate huh? Oh boy our plan was crazy as hell, but not gonna lie it was the best of all plans and I’ll be sure to remember it. I’ll always remember you hon. Every moment. 

Be free my love. I love you.


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