I held a lot inside me and I am not well

I held a lot inside me and I am not well

I held a lot inside me and I am not well

Dear Soul Mate,

I harshly broke up with you when we were arguing by text. I wish I said it differently, and I wish I could show you all the love I have inside for you. But as I accommodated our strange situation, you were not taking my needs into account. At my age, I have learned that love does not want you to be sitting in a cage, and that you are still free to be who you are. I felt you are making me feel inadequate and even that I betray you when I choose to just live a life. How come it would work ? And I am also still healing from my previous relationship. I am not ready to take such a stressful relationship in my life. I kinda low key wish I would not never be ready to accept that, even we share the most precious love on Earth for each other. But I love you, always, and I wish that you will heal and grow and just be a man who is not living someone else’s life. Wish you well


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