To the guy that broke my heart

To the guy that broke my heart

To the guy that broke my heart

I can’t believe I’m writing this letter on a website because I can no longer contact you anymore.. I just wanted to say now that 2022 is ending in 10 minutes. Thank you for letting me go because I wouldn’t be able to do it if I were you. Thank you for making me question my worth.. it’s sad that we went through all that just to be strangers again.. I wish we could have worked things out together so bad.. was I that hard to love? And I’d like to think that if we never speak again, one day you’ll look back on me fondly as somebody who didn’t fear the future when they pictured you by their side but I’ll finally let you go I wasn’t ready to lose you yet cause I was in a state of denial but now I realized that I was trying to be vulnerable again but my inner child was still healing..

Whenever I think of you all I see is you’re angry face where all I wished for you was to understand what I was feeling..I think I’m finally ready to close our chapter.. I wish you nothing but the best bobo I don’t think you’ll find someone who’ll call you that lol but yea .. Though we have parted ways in life but I still pray to God for your brighter future…. I really wish that the coming year come with more reasons for you to smile, more happiness more success…. Happy New Year to you.


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