Why I left you

Why I left you

Why I left you

I just want to let you know why I left you. 

We got together in our party years. We drank. We did drugs. Honestly I cheated.  I know you did alot for me. N my child. I know that you invested heavily in us but we weren’t serious. 

you just weren’t what I wanted. We weren’t a family. We were like roommates who had sex.

I was struggling. You didn’t help me. Sure you paid for stuff. But I was drowning in debt. I couldn’t get a head. N you wouldn’t combine assets. 

The way I was raised is that you pool money together. You both have equal access. N  there are gender roles. Where I lack I make up else where n vice versa.

I got tired of fighting over money. I turned to alcohol n other men for support. I wanted to leave but I didn’t want to.

I just couldn’t it anymore. 

I couldn’t afford to be on my own, so I started dating shortly after.  I keep you it off my life because I don’t want to hurt you. I use anger to scare your away.

I hope you read this because I feel this guilty weight on my shoulders but this is why I left you


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