I was lost behind the person you created for me

I was lost behind the person you created for me

I was lost behind the person you created for me

At the time of the breakup we agreed our futures didn’t align. I don’t think that’s truly the root cause of the break up. For 5 months before the breakup I had to constantly beg you to love me and make me a priority in your life. I had always told you work and your family should be a main concern of yours but you took that to mean they should be the only thing you cared about.

Every time I asked you for something you would always use the defence that you moved cities for me and I didn’t do that, I never asked you to move and i was working and doing school full time. You would always make yourself the victim even if you had wronged me. You had a drinking problem and I brought it up several times and you constantly got mad at me for mentioning it. We broke up in March the last date we went on was in November… 

I realized after the breakup that things started to change after the Canada day incident, I think a spark in you realized you could go out and get what you wanted right then and there. You had a string pulling you to go and do someone else. I think you thought of me as comfortable which yes is good but you got too comfortable. You stopped complimenting me, stopped trying to wow me, stopped all the cute cheesy stuff we did and just over all stopped trying. 

I think I mentally distanced myself a month prior to the breakup, we didn’t talk deeply in that time, the only couple like thing we did was sex. That’s not how a relationship was suppose to work. We talked about getting married and starting a life, we even looked at rings. After the breakup I had to completely find myself because I was lost behind the person you created for me. Now I’m happier than ever and more like myself.

Thank you for what you taught me, the love, the pain and the growth. This is good bye


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