Twin Flame lost connection

Twin Flame lost connection

Twin Flame lost connection

I loved you from the first time I saw you in the back of that math class. I knew you were my twin flame after our first conversation. You gave me everything I wanted and need in a relationship just through a friendship. I wanted more. I wanted a life with you. I wanted everything with you. I know you did too at one point.

But you weren’t over your ex. So i let you go and  fight for her and stood by you as your best friend. She didn’t like our friendship. So we ended it because i loved you so much i only wanted you to be happy. It broke my heart. But I eventually moved on and found someone who makes me happy.

I think of you every time i wear those sneakers we bought for my birthday. When i laugh too hard i think of you and all our long phone calls. When i cry i think of how you would have comforted me. Our conversations were always so effortless, our conversations always made me happy. We had conversations that made me want to stay up till 4 am talking. Just to sleep and see you on campus at 8am.

You are my twin flame and it hurts that i lost you. But i know i’ll find you in another life. In case you ever see this. I miss you and i will always love you.


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