Dear Darling,

How’s everything around you? Hope all is great as always.

Do you remember that I love to write note or a letter? Now I did it again. It’s almost 3 months that I lost you. I don’t know how to explain how hurt it is. But yea as you always said it happened 🙂

It’s so bad that I could not forget anything about us even one second. Always hope that we will have a chance to back to each other one day.

Once we talked about you and your harley davidson in next 40 years and me stay at home to cook and wait for you to come back after your riding, I really wish that it will happen in our real life:)

I know I try everyday to talk to you , beg you to back to me, but it doesn’t work at all as your heart has no space for this piggy anymore, no heart, no hand, no feeling… But I still have everything.

I know you feel not comfortable when I try to talk to you , contact you and mayb coz ‘her’ already take your space so I lost from your mind completely..

Just so you know I love you as always.. even all lost .. but I am always here ..

Thank you to be my boyfriend for 1 year and 7 months it’s so precious time in my life.. You are patient with this silly piggy for long time ,never mad ,always care me even you never say love.. but I know you feel it.. So i think it’s time for me to do good thing for you..

I will free you from now on..

No more tired no more anything..

Lost all as you wish..

I love you so I need to do it..

I wish you luck with your new life.

I will be here and wait to see all luck and success in your life na..

Piggy love Doggy So much,,




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