i wish we would have met now instead of when we were young + immature

i wish we would have met now instead of when we were young + immature

i wish we would have met now instead of when we were young + immature

LTME postits been about five to six years now . is it crazy that i’m still deeply in love with you ? is it crazy that I still think about you day & night ? you were my first love & till this day my only love . sometimes late at night while i’m all alone with my thoughts I stare blankly at the sky & wish that I would have met you now , now that we’re both older & smarter & more mature . I feel that god put you in my life to soon , we were young & stupid , although we were deeply in love it wasn’t enough not because the love wasn’t there , but because we were still trying to figure ourselves out as a person . we got caught up in nonsense and slid apart from each other . I wonder if you ever think of me or if I ever cross your mind just for a second . i know you’ve moved on and i’m just hurting myself by thinking of you but I can’t help it , this beyond me , its stronger then me . i still have a little piece of hope that maybe someday you’ll call & we’ll rekindle the fire that was once there . I love you .


  1. butterflyblackrose 5 years ago

    For me, this sums it up perfectly in my situation. Yes, what if you did wait until you were older, until now when all of that immaturity were a thing of the past . You’d be able to laugh at the stupid things you did…instead of wonder why you let time pass, and your life move on. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt as much. 🙁

  2. Person 5 years ago

    Omg u should make ur move u never know!

  3. Danielle 5 years ago

    I feel like this some days, and then I wonder if it was meant to be the way it was so I can get through knowing I have known love rather than wondering what it is like. Some days it helps, and other days I wish I could be curled in my first love’s arms again and cry.

  4. Kat 4 years ago

    I lost my love about 9 or 10 years ago and I can relate to this so much. I wish we could start again. We were just kids when we met but I have never loved someone as much as I love him and his family. Now I am miles away. He lives in my heart and no matter what happens I will always love him. Forever.

  5. Dee_Dee 10 months ago

    I hope my special someone is thinking along these lines at least. I hope he does not hate me for initiating our breakup 13 years ago. I miss him everyday still. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love him. I miss you Hobi. Always and forever.

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