LTME postHey, I just want to get this out of my chest. I wish I could go back in time and fix all of my mistakes, all the mistakes that I realized these past 3 weeks without you. Of all the things I have done for you, all the things I have sacrificed within that 3 years of us being together was thrown away like trash. I have always wanted you to be happy, your happiness was my happiness. I’ve come to realize that having this mindset was wrong. What I have learned from our relationship was the value of trust and that we’re both individual people with lives of our own. My world revolved around you, I gave you everything that I am. I chose to not move on because I believed that what we had was something that can’t be easily thrown away, but you have proven me wrong when you told me you moved on after a day. You threw away everything that we are, and will ever be. Looking at the bright side of things, I guess I’m kind of thankful that you have left me. It just shows that you’re not the one for me… as I thought you’d be. I have always asked you ALWAYS, if you were happy and that if you weren’t you’d tell me. I don’t know how we ended up like this.

All the dreams we had for the future. All the things you have told me that we will be in the future. Gone, but that’s okay. I never thought we’d crash and burn but we did, and you who I love the most. The first girl who I poured all my heart and soul into, threw me away just like that. Now, I know how the world turns cold and you have made me strong. I may not be able to do what you did and move on easily just like that because to me our relationship together meant something and also because you were my first girl… though how I wish you were my last…

It may take a long time for me to pick up all the pieces of my heart that has been shattered but once I put my heart back together I will not make the same mistake as I did in our relationship. Now, I just want to wish you luck in life. I hope the next guy you meet treats you well. I hope he’ll accomplish what I hadn’t accomplished. We had a good run. I’m sorry for not properly giving you my trust. I’m still not lying when I say that you will always be the one. You’ll always have a place in my heart.

– Bie

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  1. Chris 3 years ago

    Perfectly said. My own situation mirrors this letter to a tee. The only difference is that she threw me away after 18 years

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