A reply to the hardest thing

A reply to the hardest thing

A reply to the hardest thing

LTME postDear ex,
Its been more than 2 months that we broke off. There had not been a day that i didnt think of u and ur well being. Everyday, i hoped that u would always find your way back to me. But unfortunately.. U didn’t.. U have all the time in the world, but u decided to cook up some shit inside your head and somehow blame everything back to me.

Im going to tell u the truth.. I was hurt, devastated and crushed when u wanted to break it off with me.. I was sad and i keep on thinking over and over again of what went wrong between us. I couldn’t find anything. N that was when i knew you didnt actually love me.. U just wanted to see me fighting for u over and over again.. Cuz like u said.. It made u feel like a king. Having a girl everyday begging you not to leave her, must have made u so happy and superior..

at that time i thought, when is this going to end..? You will just keep on doing this to me.. Playing this break up game and treat me like shit whenever you’re not in a good mood. Have i told u before that your mood swings are incomprehensible? I just couldn’t take it and this time i decided to let go.

I showed to the world that i was alot happier without u.. When the truth is, it was breaking me up apart.. Of course u couldn’t see it. U were too dumb and u were so engrossed with your own ego and u chose what u want to see.. U saw me hanging out with your friends and u thought, i made them turn their backs to u.. U saw me hanging out with our mutual friends, n u thought i talk shit about u to them and i went on telling the whole world how i was the victim .. You are so dumb and selfish.. U thought i would have the heart and time to do that? Now let me tell u the truth of what really happened..

Your friends and everyone else in the world was waiting for us to break up. The moment they knew, they were so eager to tell me of your true colors. When i found out u cheated while u were with me, only god knows how i felt..it was like ive been skinned alive! U think your friends and our mutual friends was comforting and providing me support?? No way! They were there with me to voice out how you’ve been treating them badly and how they feel like im better off without u.

N that is the truth.. I am better off without u.. But am i happier? No! I am not. I feel guilty every damn day bcoz of what has happened. The way u see it is as though, i made your friends to turn their backs on u. When the truth is, u turned your back away from them. U decided to ignore them. U decided to be a dick to them. How is it right for them to keep on crawling back to u after how u treated them?

But this letter isnt about u and your friends.. your friends has made up their mind not to ever talk to u since u were the one who said that u will never forgive them. This letter is about us.. This letter is about me telling u how perished i am when u think i talk shit about u, how im the bad person, how im the one who lied, how i was the one that didnt care at all about u! Well u know what? Screw u!
Stop blaming me. U did this onto yourself and not me. U ended the relationship, not me. U had no rights to say that u were right about me not a changed person and whatnot. U are the one who should look in the mirror and change yourself!

If u were to ask me if we can ever be friends again..? I will always say yes.. Because i always leave the past behind and look forward. But unlike u, u hold onto this.. U hold a grudge on me and clearly said, no. We can never be friends again! I’ll accept and i wish you the best of luck in your life. Finally, im done with you and im going to say goodbye as i am already at the end of the book!


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