Love is you

Love is you

Love is you

LTME postI love you. Love, what is love? To me, love is you. Love is your smile, love is your touch, love is your laugh. Love is the way you eat ceral, the way you walk, the way you sit, the way you open jars, the way you lick my face. You are my best friend and the love of my life. I love you unconditionally and for always.

My body aches, it feels as though my heart has shattered, numb to the core, unable to feel anything besides my feelings towards you. My best, my love, to be gone and no longer to be able to talk to you everyday has been difficult for me to accept. I do not want to let you go cuz I love you so much, But if I must then I must. ultimately, I will respect you and your wishes. The basic needs in life are food, water, and shelter. But why are the basic needs to a happy life. To me, the basic needs to a happy life is your love.

I moved with you with the intentions of starting a life with you and marrying you. To grow together and as individuals, to change, to smile, to laugh, the be upset, to experience hardship, to be happy but ultimately to be with you. There are many reasons but none more important then you. You are my best friend and I love you.

We have strayed to the weeds, lost, unsure in which direction to go. But I believe we can find the path or create a new path that has no definition cuz it has not been created yet. As I stand on the path, I see you standing there, a candle between us. The candle is strong birght and robust. Over time is dim, yet light still shines. It is ready to be strong bright and robust again. For when the light is dim it is not extinguished. We all must chose our own paths and I hope to all things we choose to walk down the same path. For we have one life and I choose to be with you in this life.

Love is like the sun. There are moments the clouds cover it up. Rainstorms that bring lighting, anger, and frustration. For the rain brings new growth and life to the world and without it nothing could exist. It can disappear in the night but on thing is certain, the light will shine again and the sun will return. Love is like the sun in that it is enternal. I will not be waiting for you. Only time will tell but my love for you will never cease to exist.

-your love


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