Mr. Wright

Mr. Wright

Mr. Wright


I’m sorry, overwhelmingly so, to not only you but the person I was the past seven years. I was insecure and terrified of everything, mostly myself. I’d grown into this mean ugly spiteful thing vaguely resembling a human because of my refusal to move past the abuse and isolation and betrayal I’d experienced, and I entered and left your life, all within such a short period of time, as that wicked but timid but overwhelming thing I’ve finally chosen to evolve from. I’m growing, and letting go, and loving myself more and more every day now, and while this process isn’t for you, in the hopes that I’ll get another chance, it was in large part brought on by how upset I was when I realized I’d pushed you too far. Loving you has taught me to love myself and I will forever be grateful to you for that.



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