Things I wish I told you

Things I wish I told you

Things I wish I told you

LTME-postDear stink,

It’s been 3 long months without you, things still doesn’t seem so real. You taught me what love really was , till the day i stole your belt or the day we first kissed on the tailgate. The drunk nights where we just sat up and talked about everything and even till the day we said our goodbye. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy. We both moved on now. We tried so hard to keep our love peaceful. We tried to make eachother so happy that sometimes we believed it for that second. We spent 2 long years without eachother , braking up , getting back together. We could never really leave eachother because we were all we knew at the time. I believed we never really wanted to give up but we have no choose. The day i left , the day i never looked back was the hardest , the memories we had together will never be forgotten. We were so young and in love, but that wasn’t enough. We were so happy at one point , everytime we were with eachother it was magic. We used to laugh and mean it , we cried together and went threw the unthinkable. I still remember the day you asked me to marry you, i was so happy. You know i miss your family , how crazy they were but still loved so hard. The days where we would all sit around the camp fire talking about everything. Telling them funny stories of us or something dumb i did. You know til this day my heart still breaks , i try to cover it up but it will always simply be you. Right now we can’t be together , we have so much to work on. I remember when we first got together , i was so happy . You were my first love.


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